Two by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson

Children of Nature (Börn náttúrunnar) and Cold Fever (Á köldum klaka) are in several respects nearly the same movie and in one respect opposite movies.

The two movies are nearly the same in that the protagonists of each must trek across rural Iceland in order to reach a place of special emotional significance. They are opposites in that the protagonists of Children of Nature are Icelanders, indeed, more Icelandic even than their citified countrymen in Reykjavík, while Cold Fever follows a foreigner who is at once very out of place and yet not.

Children of Nature follows a pair of childhood friends reunited in an old folks' home who decide to stage a daring escape and travel across the island to what's left of the remote village where they grew up. In Cold Fever, a Japanese salaryman must find the river where his parents drowned and perform the necessary funeral rites there.

Both films depict haunted people in a haunted country.

I recommend them as a double feature.